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VDSL Networks Specialization

a ISP, ICT, SI Company

Last Mile Solution

Capable of rolling out Last Mile Solution on Copper Wire (xDSL)

Fiber Optic Solutions

Capable of providing fast optic network solutions weather through Fiber Optic Cables (FTTx) or Free Space Optic (FSO). The company also possesses Network Service Provider (NSP), and Network Facilities Provider (NFP) allowing the company to provide internet services to the whole country.

IP Packet Transmission Devices

Able to provide the hardware for IP Packet Transmissions. This is because of the  good partnerships with globally known, quality, trusted hardware companies.

IT Consultancy

With vast experience gathered throughout the years VDSL Network Sdn Bhd along with its partners, have the ability to lend its expertise in the form of consultations.

IP Network Solutions

Provide your network needs

Application Development

Possessing an Application Service Provider (ASP) license allows the company to develop software having particular functions such as voice services, data services, content based services, electronic commerce and other transmission services. Applications services are essentially the functions or capabilities, which are delivered to end-users.

System & Application Development

Using the ASP license and hardware knowhow the company is able to create systems that integrate applications for the specific needs of the clients

E-Content Development

Together with partners from various fields, VDSL Network Sdn Bhd is able to produce unique digital content for the market. Demonstrating the adaptability of the company to provide the best solutions to clients needs.

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