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VDSL Network is a Information Technology (IT) company, primarily building Connectivity Infrastructure. This infrastructure then enables us to provide solutions for Digital Transformation in all industries and for all communities.

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Ubiquity, Equality of Opportunities and Decentralization are the themes of the near future. The Combination of Disruptive Innovations has changed the way we Manage, Move and Power the economy ushering the dawn of a new Industrial Revolution. New networks are being created not only for the Communication Internet, but in the Transportation Internet and Energy Internet. There is vast amounts of Data collection which is then transmitted through these networks allow for informed or automated decision making, optimising everyday life. These Decentralised Networks transport data created from the people for the people, electricity produced from houses by the people for the people and provide real time information on logistics, availability of warehouses, and shared transportation allowing more people to do business from their own homes like never before.

Creating Network Infrastructure

With a mission to connect the everyday lives. It is empirical that Network Infrastructure be built to realise this shared benefit. We are fully committed to this mission and want to help Businesses, Governments and Institutions realise truly what it means to be in the Digital Age.

Need Your Own Private Network

VDSL Network provides services for organisations that want to have their own Private Networks. Whether you are a Government Agency that needs the utmost reliability and security for your information or a Company looking to have the fastest private connectivity speeds and IoT. We are here to realise your needs.

Need IT Consultancy

Within our group are decades of collective experiences from many verticals within the Information Technology Sector. VDSL is here to assist you to plan, design, implement or build solutions for your needs. Whether you want to transform your business to enter new markets, restructure a department for efficiency or creating a new business through Digital Transformation we are here to help.

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